Dark floors vs Light floors - Pros and Cons - The Flooring Girl

There are some crucial things that you will need to consider to buy a good wooden floor. To help you out, I have bought together factors to keep in mind before choosing wooden floors for your home. First of all, having a budget in mind is essential, as there are so many products on the market. Secondly, you should keep in mind the style of the room or the house you are trying to achieve. The variety of types of wood floors and species of wood available today is mind-blowing. You will also want to take into consideration different grains, patterns, and colors of wood. Thirdly, consider where you will be putting the flooring. For instance,  wood flooring for a kitchen or bathroom needs to resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations, while a living room or hallway requires durability for high-traffic level. Fourthly,  take into account is your sub-base. Is it concrete sub-base, existing wooden floor, or carpet – all these options affect which type of wooden floor you can fit and determine the installation method of the wooden floors. Fifty, consider what installation method and what kind of finish will be most appropriate choices for your wooden floor because it not only influences the cost but also determines maintenance, longevity, and the look of your flooring. All in all, wood flooring requirements will be different according to your needs, so I recommend talking to a consultant in a shop for specific advice about what type of floor fits your home the best. Good luck with finding the best product.