For some people, the living room is the most important room in their house. It provides a space for you to welcome visitors. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep your living room presentable. You can do this by decorating the room to make it look more attractive and comfortable for both you and your guests. It can be a tiresome task, but with these easy steps, you can decorate your living room in a breeze.

1. You should begin by thoroughly cleaning the room. Clean the ceiling first to get rid of any spider webs. Then you should proceed to the furniture. Remove dust from your furniture using a feather duster. Last but not least, sweep and mop the floor.

2. Decide on a theme that suits your personality. You can get lots of decoration ideas and inspirations from the internet or from home improvement magazines. You can consult your family members as well. Decide on what items to display or what colors the wall and the curtains should be.

3. You may want to get new items to decorate your living room with, according to the theme you have chosen. It is always a good idea to make a list of the items you want to purchase, and you can also write down a list of the items you want to keep in the room.

4. Limit the number of items to put if you want the room to look cozy and not cluttered. Remember, having fewer items means less cleaning as well.

5. Lighting also plays a very important role to set the mood of the space. Therefore it is essential for you to get the right lighting for your living room. During the day, it is a good idea to utilize natural light to save energy. At night, make sure you have enough lighting. In addition to ceiling lamps, you can also add lighting pieces such as table or floor lamps. They also serve as decorative elements as well.

6. Choose the right curtains for the windows. Generally, dark colors are suitable for large rooms. If your living room is small, curtains with light colors will make the room look more spacious. When choosing curtains, make sure that you consider the decoration theme and your budget.

7. Place indoor plants at the corners of the room. Indoor plant adds a touch of elegance and it helps improve air circulation.