The Importance of Controlling Bird Mites

Blog - Understanding Bird Mite Infestation and Control

We frequently get bitten by a variety of little insects. Ants, fleas, and bed bugs are the traditional suspects, but there is also the Bird Mite.

Bird mites are such tiny insects that it is difficult to see them with the unaided eye. The majority of these pests’ attention is directed toward birds, therefore their common name. Only when birds are scarce do bird mites begin biting people.

A particular form of mite parasite called a bird mite feeds mostly on the blood of birds and other fowl. These include pigeons, sparrows, and various types of wild birds. When they hang out near farms and feed on chickens and hens, they are also known as chicken mites.

In this article, you will be learning when to search for ‘bird Mites pest control near me’ for controlling bird mites and how to prevent them from entering your home.

Where Can You Find Bird Mites?

Warm, humid environments are appealing to bird mites. They frequently lurk near windows, at ceiling connections, or in bedding inside the house in quest of a blood meal. Naturally, they are frequently seen in or close to residences where birds are nesting. When there are many bird nests, in the spring and early summer, they are most active. You can also Google ‘Bird Mites Inspections near me’ for letting the professionals inspect the property.

Treatment For Bird Mites On Your Own

Once you have found bird mites, you can either call the professionals or start the treatment by yourself:

  • Identify the infestation’s source. Your home may become infested with mites from a variety of sources, including nesting birds, deceased birds, pet birds, birds in attics or chimneys, and birds near air conditioning equipment. Dead birds and old nests should be removed. As the majority of birds are legally protected, you might need to verify with your local authorities before removing any birds.
  • Vacuum. The number of mites will be drastically reduced by routinely vacuuming contaminated areas. Make sure to properly vacuum all the furniture, rugs, drapes, and carpets. Vacuum bags need to be taken out of the vacuum right away, sealed in a bag, and placed in the freezer. The mites will die as a result. You can just empty the collecting container into a bag and put it in the freezer if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t utilise the bags.
  • Cleaning everything items made of fabric that are near contaminated areas should be washed and dried. As the infestation worsens, you might wish to repeat this process multiple times a week.
  • Select an insecticide that is effective against bird mites: Wherever you would spend time relaxing, spray on couches, chairs, and other upholstered furniture. Fill all nooks and crannies around the room’s perimeter with chemical Dust. Cracks and crevices all around affected regions should be filled with desiccant dust.
  • Carpets and rugs should be dusted lightly. Rake (do not sweep) the carpet or rug back and forth to introduce dust. Laid out the merchandise overnight. For optimum control, reapply as necessary and vacuum every three to four days.

Concentrated pesticides do not become “more powerful” when mixed in amounts greater than advised. If you use an insecticide that is too effective, the mites will simply avoid the treated areas, and you risk causing them to become resistant to the insecticide. Our professional advice would be to search for ‘bird mites treatment brisbane/near me’ instead of applying chemicals and dusts on your own.

Are Bird Mites Dangerous?

Considering that female mites require blood to procreate, they can bite humans. This typically occurs when their bird host departs from the nest. You might see the markings on any area of your body because the mites don’thave a preference for where they bite. Unfortunately, bird mite bites and bed bug bites resemble one another quite a bit, making it challenging to determine which pest problem you are experiencing.

The mites inject saliva into the area where they bite, which causes a localised histamine reaction. Gamasoidosis, also known as the body’s reaction to bites, can range from a few red dots to extremely irritated skin and is dependent on the specific immunological response.

If you have been bitten by a bird mite, do seek a medical professional. And search for ‘birds pest control near me’ to get rid of them from your home.

How To Avoid Bird Mites 

It’s crucial to address the underlying cause of the issue and control bird activity near your property. If you have solar panels, you can easily avoid bird mites by having them professionally pigeon-proofed. By utilising bird control options, you can reduce the allure of your property for pigeons, starlings, and sparrows if they are breeding close by.

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