Why Stomach Acid is Good For You

Martin T. Israel

An amazing book that will reveal to you the shocking truth about why stomach acid is good for you has just been published. This groundbreaking book instantly relieves the most common cause of heartburn. The root cause of this common ailment: low stomach acid – by permanently eliminating the underlying cause: excess stomach acid. The truth is that most heartburn occurs because stomach acid levels are too high, not just too low. Once this one factor is eliminated, almost all other factors that contribute to heartburn disappear, including excessive smoking and eating the wrong types of foods.

The most amazing part about why stomach acid is good for you is, what it can do for your long-term health. Most of us only think about “quick fixes” like the following, which might help relieve a few symptoms of heartburn: chewing gum, drinking chamomile tea, or taking over-the-counter medications like Floetrol or Prilosec. However, these temporary measures will do nothing to permanently reverse the corrosive effects of stomach acid on our bodies. In fact, in the case of acid reflux, these quick fixes only serve to make the condition worse.

Diet And Digestion

But the best way to maintain good stomach acid production is to focus on two main points in addressing the source of heartburn: diet and digestion. By adopting a diet that contains plenty of fruits and vegetables, and keeping regular, healthy digestive habits, we can strengthen the walls of the stomach and keep it from being forced to produce excessive stomach acids. And with a strong immune system, we can always protect our digestion system from being attacked by harmful germs and viruses. Proper digestion is also an important preventative measure against heartburn.

Alleviate Acid Reflux And Digestive Problems

Although it may seem counterintuitive that acidic foods should help alleviate acid reflux and digestive problems, recent research has shown that it’s true. For example, citrus fruit juices are effective at combating digestive diseases like constipation and indigestion, while tomatoes, oranges, and bananas are excellent for improving the quality of our skin. Similarly, the rich alkalinity of many raw vegetable oils aids digestion. And when combined with probiotics, they provide a beneficial balance for your digestive tract.

Sufficient amounts of alkaline-forming nutrients in our diets

However, even though most people feel better when consuming foods rich in alkaline-forming substances, the fact is that most of us don’t get sufficient amounts of alkaline-forming nutrients in our diets. Our digestive tracts are designed to break down plant material rather than absorb its acidic contents. Because of this, we often experience indigestion when there’s a shortage of alkaline. The body can overcome indigestion by increasing its production of digestive enzymes (such as pepsin and bromelain), which break down plant material as our bodies do when digesting animal protein. As a result, many of us continue to suffer from indigestion despite taking all available steps to improve the function of our digestive systems.

Remedy for indigestion

The good news is that, even though most people are struggling with indigestion despite ingesting the recommended amounts of alkaline-forming foods, it’s possible to find a remedy for this problem without having to rely on expensive drugs or painful surgery. The most promising treatment for indigestion is something that you can do yourself – without the help of a professional dietician or any medical professional. In this article, I’m going to reveal how to restore the natural pH balance of your stomach, so that your body can better combat indigestion. I want you to be able to treat your acid reflux disease with powerful home remedies instead of resorting to the expensive side effects of prescription medications. If you’re ready, please visit my website today.

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