If you’re thinking of getting mini excavator hire in Sydney, you’re not alone. This construction equipment has grabbed the attention of many homeowners who wish to carry out construction excavation projects in their own properties. Mini excavators are just like standard excavators, only smaller. 

Available in both tracked or wheeled versions, these machines typically weigh less than 10,000 to 20,000 pounds. These excavators have buckets that are typically sized between 12 and 24 inches. 

Top Sydney excavation contractors frequently rent out these types of excavators to homeowners because:

  • They’re Safe to Operate – Since mini excavators are extremely light and small, they don’t cause too much ground damage. Homeowners can easily get mini excavator hire in Sydney for a couple of weeks, use the compact machine to dig up their backyards, and not cause any irreparable or expensive damages to their properties.
  • Easy to Use – The main problem with standard-sized excavators is that they’re hard to manoeuvre around crowded construction sites. When you’re working indoors or in sensitive locations like parking lots, you need machines that are easy to manoeuvre. The small-sized mini excavators are exactly that. They offer 360-degree rotations, which make them ideal for narrow or cramped job sites. 
  • Easy to Rent – For the leading Sydney excavation contractors, renting out large excavators is a huge challenge. These heavy pieces of machinery are hard to transport. On the contrary, loading/unloading mini excavators onto trailers or trucks are super easy. Their transportability makes them easier to rent out. 
  • Versatile – Another reason why so many homeowners get mini excavator hire in Sydney is that they’re versatile. Firstly, mini excavators are super-durable as they lift fewer amounts of weight and typically carry smaller loads. Hence, they encounter a lot less stress and strain compared to standard-sized excavators. Unlike standard-sized excavators, mini excavators also come with a number of useful attachments. From digging tight spaces to demolishing old sewer lines – Sydney excavation contractors frequently rent out these machines for various residential construction projects.
  • Fast – When you’re snow ploughing or installing swimming pools, you’ll need excavators that are highly agile. The small sizes of mini excavators not only make them more manoeuvrable but also makes them super-fast. These compact pieces of equipment can access tight areas and plough through the ground very rapidly. 
  • Easy to Learn – Getting mini excavator hire in Sydney is a good option for people who are new to construction or excavation projects. These machines are easy to operate. 
  • Cost-Effective – Overall, getting a mini excavator hire in Sydney is extremely cost-effective. These machines do the same work that big excavators do for far less operational fees. Residential excavation projects that need to be cost-efficient can benefit a lot from these machines.

What Can You Do with Your Rented Mini Excavator?

By renting a mini excavator from Sydney excavation contractors, homeowners can – 

  • Conduct preliminary foundation excavations to clear the way for laying new foundations. 
  • Remove small rubbish items from construction/demolition sites. 
  • Dig post holes for installing fences. 
  • Create backyard swimming pools.

Top Sydney excavation contractors can provide high-quality mini excavators at cost-effective rates. These excavators are extremely handy and are must-haves for all types of backyard construction/excavation projects.