Trending Wall Texture for Your Home

Wall texture : Trending Interior & Exterior texture & paint colour ideas

There are plenty of factors you need to consider while designing your home interiors. For instance, while choosing colours for your home interiors, you must consider introducing more textures. Mostly, homeowners use rugs, curtains, tapestries, etc. to introduce more textures in the home decor. However, there are various other ways you can introduce textures as well. A stylish and very effective way to add textures is by adding textures to your walls. Depending on your preferences, you can create an accent wall for adding textures or add textures to all four walls. It will certainly help to add more character and dimension to your home interiors. As a result, the aesthetic beauty of the home interiors will increase. If you are not sure what wall texture you should opt for, here are a few trending wall texture designs you can take inspiration from: 

A. Wall texture for living room

01 of 03 Brick wall texture 

If you want to go bold with your living room design, you can give the walls a brick wall texture design. This will help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space significantly. If you do not want it to overpower the rest of the elements, consider creating just one accent wall. However, make sure that the rest of the colours you choose for your living room complement the look of the wall. Commonly used tones include earthy browns, reds, etc. The best part about a brick texture wall is that it can be used in both contemporary home designs and traditional home designs. 

02 of 03 Give your wall a matte texture 

In the last few years, the matte textured look has received immense popularity. Homeowners love using this look for various elements like furniture, cars, and even [hones. Similarly, you can opt for a matte textured wall in your living room. The look will make your living room appear more sophisticated and elegant. Add a few complementing elements to take the aesthetic beauty to the next level.

03 of 03 Faux animal skin wall texture 

Do you like animal skin prints? This is a popular texture design for wall painting among many homeowners. You can easily get various animal skin patterns like snakes, crocodiles, leopards, etc. Besides adding this texture to your furniture pieces and upholstery, applying faux animal skin texture to your living room walls is a great idea. 

B. Wall texture for bedroom 

01 of 03 Wood-panel texture 

Wood is one of the best options you can choose for your bedroom. It will help to set a calming and relaxing tone in your bedroom so that you feel more comfortable. Further, wood makes the bedroom appear very elegant. You can create a beautiful wood-panel wall texture design on your bedroom walls. However, this is quite difficult and only a skilled expert can do it using expert painting techniques. 

02 of 03 Unfinished concrete texture 

Creating a very elegant bedroom design using this texture design for wall painting. As the name suggests, this design resembles the look of an actual concrete finish. To ensure that the overall look of the room appears appealing, you have to choose colours that complement the look of the wall. Experts suggest using subtle colours such as grey for the rest of the other décor items in the room. 

03 of 03 Introduce geometric patterns 

In many recent home designs, you will notice lots of geometric shapes. You can introduce them in various ways like choosing geometric-shaped furniture pieces and decor items. Besides them, you can consider creating geometric patterns on the wall as well. This is a new technique that is getting popular in contemporary home designs. Make sure you choose colours with them that enhance the appeal of the overall room. 

C. Wall texture for kitchen

01 of 02 Hexagon-shaped blocks 

Many homeowners like creating a honeycomb-like texture in the kitchen. Mostly, people use hexagon-shaped tiles for this purpose. However, you can opt for other options as well instead of opting for tiles. You can create hexagon-shaped wall textures with paint that will enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space. Further, it will act as a great backdrop for various items. 

02 of 02 Textured accent wall 

Consider creating a textured accent wall in your kitchen interiors. It will certainly help to enhance the appeal of the room. Depending on your preferences, you can add a textured backsplash to your kitchen design as well to make it appear more stunning. However, keep in mind that rough edges are not required for the texture. The slabs will have a textured look while featuring a glossy finish as well. 

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