Time for New Year’s Resolutions: Bellavista Collection’s Plans for 2021

Martin T. Israel

2020 is rapidly moving towards the end. It’s high time to sum up the results of the year and set goals for the future. By the way, did you know that the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions dates back to ancient times? About two millennia ago, Romans had a custom of making promises to their two-faced god Janus (January is named in his honor) at the beginning of each year. 

Centuries passed, but the tradition survived. In late December, lots of people (as well as companies, organizations, communities, religious groups, etc.) are setting goals, making plans, and formulating new directions for the year to come. 

Resolutions made during the holiday season may fuel our thoughts and serve as great stimuli, helping us achieve something we want, be it developing healthier habits, cleaning up the mess on a working table, in a closet, or in thoughts.

People from Bellavista Collection, the brand whose Italian luxury furniture is well-known in Europe and beyond, also set resolutions shortly before the New Year 2021. 

Attilio Zanni, a brilliant all-round designer who has created most of the brand’s items, promises to replenish the 2020 collection, turning it into 2020/2021 one. In 2021, he no doubt will design something unique and beautiful… actually, he has been doing so ever since 2010.

Bellavista’s tech staff swears that in the year to come, the entire collection will become available to all customers through multiple channels. 

The Bellavista’s design department, headed by Mr. Zanni, assures that more 3D projects will be created, to encourage people to renovate their homes in Bellavista style. 

Inspired by Flora

Long-standing customers remember that the pieces designed in 2020 belong to the special collection that marks the tenth anniversary of the brand.  According to a long-standing tradition, each collection is devoted to some general idea. This year the concept is related to celebrating the beauty of Nature. Not that it’s unusual – quite the opposite is true: this brand is known for making the best of all materials, revealing their natural beauty. Nevertheless, this year the designs are close to nature as never before. The shapes and outlines of many newly designed Bellavista pieces remind us about plants.

Let’s take a look at two distinctive items from this collection: TREE cabinet and TREE bar unit. What’s special about them?  Is it top-quality materials, innovative design and impeccable workmanship? Well, yes and no. Yes – because it’s all true, and no – because the same could be said about every piece manufactured in Bellavista. What makes these two TREEs special is their design that highlights the natural beauty of wood, and the outline of a tree trunk on their doors, reminding them of live trees in a forest. The wooden central detail in each item is unique, because no tree is exactly like any other. That’s why every TREE looks so exclusive.

Also, the new finish chosen for these two pieces, named Nuances Bellavista collection, perfectly harmonizes with the color and texture of natural solid wood. There are two options of the wood: walnut or olive ashwood. As to finish, it’s available in two options – matte lacquer and glossy lacquer, each coming in a wide variety of colors. The inner and outer parts are coated with the same finish.

When closed, both pieces look pretty much alike. Their dimensions are the same: they are 200 cm high, 108 cm wide and 45 cm deep (78.7, 42.5, and 17.7 inches respectively).

Their feet, made of hammered brass with an antique bronze finish (finished by hand), look extremely stylish and elegant. The hinges and other metal details are also in cast brass with antique bronze finish. They were designed in Bellavista; the hinges, in particular, allow the doors to open 100 degrees. 

The main difference between the two TREEs lies in the internal equipment. The cabinet has four shelves. Optional features include motion activated LED lights and a bronzed mirror at the inner back. 

TREE bar unit has two shelves with brass details, one more shelf in extra-clear glass, and two drawers.

The frontal parts of these drawers are padded in belting leather. The top, made of striking Carrara marble, and the mirror at the internal back add exquisiteness to the overall look of this remarkable bar unit.

If you browse through WHAT’S NEW section of Bellavista Collection’s website, you will see lots more pieces, inspired by Nature. For example, ALCOBAS coffee table has a lower shelf with a ‘floral’ metal decoration. Cast brass twigs, visible through the bronze glass top, add zest to the design, making the table look stylish indeed. Actually, this variant is one of the three available: if you wish, the tabletop of ALCOBAS will be made of marble – Arabescato Grey or Breccia Damascata.

The name of one more coffee table – CHAMPIGNON – tells a lot about its shape (the word ‘champignon’ is French for ‘a mushroom’). This table does resemble a mushroom. Its ‘stipe’ – one thick leg – is made of thermo-treated solid ashwood. Thermally modified wood is among the materials, which Bellavista Collection started using recently. Environmentally-friendly, durable, relatively lightweight, resistant to water and wood-eating pests, thermo wood is extremely suitable for furniture-making.

The ‘cap’ of CHAMPIGNON (i.e. the tabletop) is made of solid wood and covered with either of two lovely-looking finishes, matte lacquered or glossy lacquered. Each finish comes in a great variety of colors for you to choose from.

DALIA lamp also is a perfect example of a nature-inspired piece: just look at its structure and you’ll guess why. The shape of its cast brass structure looks like petals of some peculiar flower or aerial roots of a mangrove. It looks really grand with either of the two finishes available – antique bronze or black patina. 

All in all, if you are a Nature-lover, you can have a piece of natural beauty at home. Look through the latest Bellavista’s collection, and you’ll have plenty of choices. Or wait a bit for new beautiful articles: there will be even more of them soon.

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