The Magic of Menorca – A Balearic Island

Martin T. Israel
The Magical Balearic Island of Menorca | The Baguettenbergers

Arguably the most popular of the Balearic Islands, Menorca is the ideal place to escape to on holiday. It is the second largest of the islands and as it is quieter than its famous neighbour Mallorca, it is more suited to the more discerning traveller. The weather is perfect for exploring the island or simply relaxing on one of the white sand beaches and soaking up the atmosphere. Choosing to stay in a Menorca villa means you have the independence and flexibility to make your stay here your own. The south of the island is home to an abundance of holiday resorts, peaceful and relaxing. Small fishing villages line the northern shores and the island has a rich diversity of flora and fauna flourishing inland.

Whether looking for villas in bangalore a family holiday, a place to take a group of friends, or to spend a romantic week, this island has something to suit every taste. Spending your holiday in a Menorca villa can find you located close to the beaches, local towns or tucked away in the quiet countryside. There is a huge variety of sizes and locations to pick from. The island’s capital Mao is the modern capital of the island and has much to offer. If your Menorca villa is close by you will have the opportunity to make the most of this cosmopolitan city. Historically it has been important industrially and commercially and its natural harbour is still alive with activity today.

Mao’s annual calendar is full of fairs, festivals and fiestas and if you are lucky enough to catch one you will be consumed by the vivacity, colours and atmosphere. It was the British who established Mao as the island’s administrative capital and their legacy has remained here. The deep archaeological and architectural history can be discovered at a leisurely pace and there is excellent tourist information supplying maps and advice. But Mao was not always the main city of the island. The old capital of Ciutadella is a stunning town with winding, cobbled streets and a quaint charm. Spending a day soaking up the atmosphere here is must as well.

A taste of Menorca If you decide on renting a Menorca villa you will have endless opportunities to sample the fantastic cuisine of the island, borne from the intense fertility of the land and the vicinity to the sea. Fresh vegetables abound and exquisite seafood is a staple on every menu. The flavours, spices and sauces of the cuisine certainly reflect the influences of the many civilisations that have ruled the island, including the Moors, Catalans, the French and even the British. The gastronomy is varied, special and extremely tempting.

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