Having a pool in the backyard is one of the most common trends, but pools might take up the space that would have been used for a garden or other outdoor installations. Pools also require pool furniture, which is different from other furnishings. Due to most of the pools being outside, the furniture shares lots of considerations in design with the outdoor furniture; though other factors come into play with the pool furnishings. One of the major considerations with pool furniture is water; its effect on the furnishings is quite important and should be given priority.

One of the considerations when choosing pool furniture is their friendliness to the skin. When one goes for a swim, whether in the backyard or beach, one does not spend all their time in the water. One may come out for a drink, a nap, sunbathe, or drink, and poolside furniture should be there for that purpose. Though one might use a towel to place over the surface of the furnishings every now and then, the towel might fall off leaving the furnishing exposed. In addition, since the swimmer will not be fully protected by clothing it is crucial to choose a skin friendly material.

Unlike most garden furnishings, commercial pool furniture are often stored during the periods that the pool is not in use. It is thus important to ensure that the choice one makes on the furnishings is easy to transport over short distances and is easy to store. In most cases, the choice should be stackable to ensure that the space one uses is reduced. The size of the furnishing should also be reasonable for both storage and transportation purposes. One should also pay keen attention to the design specifications of the furniture since if it is light, it may be easily broken in the case of misuse.

The durability of the poolside furniture should also be a matter of concern. The furnishings will be mostly exposed to weather elements which will make it necessary for the furnishings to withstand the elements. Most poolside furnishings are made from plastic and resin, but for longer servicing the furniture should be put indoors when not in use – especially during extremely hot days. The material used in the PVC does break down faster in high heat, and the chair or table will begin to lose its structural integrity and shiny luster that is appealing to the eye.