Perfect Options for Using Whipped Cream Chargers

Martin T. Israel

For all those in the world of the cafeteria and the experienced baristas, it will not be an unknown topic, the whipped cream charger is the instrument that facilitates the production of mousse or whipped cream, which is used in a great variety of drinks and desserts. If you don’t know it or if you know it and have not tried it yet this article is for you

What is the whipped cream charger? And how it works?

We will begin by introducing it to those who do not know it: The whipped cream charger is a kitchen appliance that serves to turn any liquid into mousse.

Coffee with kitchen charger

The operation of this appliance is somewhat simple, since, basically, the kitchen charger only has a glass that contains the mixture and a head in which the nozzle that is used to decorate is placed on one side. These are usually sold in packages with several nozzles for different effects. The other important part of this instrument is the capsule holder, which provides the nitrogen charge to the charger. You can Visit for nangs delivery services and have the best solutions available there.

The kitchen charger is a relatively new instrument. It was Ferrá Adriá, 20 years ago, who invented and patented it, creating a new stage in molecular cuisine. Thanks to this instrument and its creator, they began to make hot and cold foams of different flavors, and thus it was possible to achieve fluffier textures that have reached gourmet cuisine in its different dishes.

Parts of a kitchen charger

As you can see, the parts of the charger are not many and they are not complicated either: the glass, the head and the space for the capsules. The big question now is, how can you use it?

Operating process

The operation of this kitchen tool is very simple: We will start by talking about filling the glass.

Pouring liquid into the charger

And although this seems too simple a point, when using it you must be careful placing the mixture perfectly strained, since otherwise, the ingredients can clog the charger and cause an accident. It has to fill 80% of the volume and close very well.

The next thing is to place the N 2 O capsule in the filler tank and screw until the gas has been completely introduced. Subsequently, proceed to screw the chosen nozzle, always depending on your needs.

Once this process is finished, shake the charger from top to bottom and start using it (!). It should be used upside down vertically (90 ° angle) and press the lever gently until the foam begins to come out in a suitable consistency.

Cakes decorated with charger

You will see that it is very easy to use it; and it will definitely give another presentation and flavor to your creations!

Advantages of the whipped cream charger

It was previously mentioned that this instrument has revolutionized the world of molecular cuisine; and it is that this device has allowed the great chefs of the world to implement a delicious, light and attractive option to the dishes, drinks and desserts they are preparing.

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