Making the Most of Your Garage Doors

Martin T. Israel

A garage door is something that we take for granted, yet is probably one of the biggest moving parts of our home. We just presume that each time we push the button on our remote control that the door will open for us. In days gone by, we used to have to get out of the car, in whatever weather to painstakingly unlock and open our garage entry door by hand. Today there are so many ways of facilitating the opening of your garage door, making life a lot easier.

The invention in the 1990’s of the electric motorized garage door has made such an impact on garage door sales. These motors can be fixed to already operational garage doorways, a motor being attached to the ceiling and connected to the door by either chains or belts. The door becomes motorized as the motor activates a roller system with tracks, lifting or dropping down the garage gate. These devices were a great breakthrough in garage door service in Boise technology, so how do we actually use them?

In order to motorize your present garage door you will have to install the motor on your existing ceiling of your garage as well as carry a remote control system to operate the motor. Now there is no point leaving home without the remote control for your garage door is there? What you need to do though is set the remote control to the frequency of your motor, so that it recognizes it is your door. This may sound complex, but actually is very easy, and in many cases you can carry a multiple remote control that will open more than one door, advances in technology really have come along this far. Instead of carrying a bunch of keys around for each door, you just carry one remote that will open all your doors, one button on the door corresponding to each door.

Nowadays, new cars are coming as standard with remote control devices for opening your doors; so you don’t even need to worry about leaving the remote control at home, as it is built in inside your vehicle. Could life get any easier these days?

Another option for opening your garage doorway, if you do not have a remote sensor inside your car, or a remote control, it is by using a personal pin code. These pin codes are typed in order to open the door, the code normally being 4 digits long. This method is better for a work premise where you will already be outside of your car having parked in the parking lot. Otherwise, this method takes away half the advantages of having a motorized storage garage, as you have to get out of the car in order to open it. Now all you have to remember is the drill in case of power cuts. There will always be an option to open your garage door manually, so remember always to carry the traditional key with you just in case.

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