Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Martin T. Israel

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home that requires your attention. Gone are the days when kitchens were designed keeping only functionality in mind. Modern kitchen design ideas are both functional and aesthetically appealing. You will have to create a design that is convenient to use and makes people feel welcome. Besides the colours and materials, lighting is a very crucial part of kitchen design. Lighting hugely influences the mood and tone of a space. You will have to very carefully choose all the lighting fixtures in your kitchen. This will help to ensure that your kitchen is easy-to-use and stays well-lit. Also, the space can be used for entertaining your guests and serving them dinner if sufficient space is available. If you are not about how to create the perfect kitchen lighting setup, here are a few tips that will help you: 

01 of 05 Hang a pendant light

Pendant lights are very versatile and can be used almost anywhere. You can hang one in your kitchen as well to light up the space. These are hanging lights whose bases are installed on the ceiling and attached to the bulbs using a string or tube. Since you can find them in many different sizes, buy one depending on the height of the ceiling. Commonly, the pendant light is installed above the kitchen island. This is because a lot of activities are performed on the island and a pendant light can light up the space perfectly as it hangs down from the ceiling. Also, installing a hanging light in the walking space is not recommended as people might hit it by mistake while lifting their arms. Since pendant lights have an appealing look, they will enhance the beauty of your kitchen design as well. Consider installing a dimmer if you want to control the brightness of the kitchen lighting level according to your preferences. 

02 of 05 Install under cupboard lighting

Installing strip lights under cupboards is very commonly seen in the kitchen. They help to make your kitchen interiors more functional by lighting up the task areas properly. Choose the length and intensity of the lights depending on your requirements. To ensure that the maximum light reaches the task areas, consider installing kitchen lighting options like strip lights in front of the cupboards as much as possible. You will be able to perform all your tasks conveniently. Another advantage of strip lights is their simple and minimalist look. They can stay perfectly concealed when installed properly. As a result, your kitchen design appears more spacious and organised. 

03 of 05 Choose plinth lighting

Many people often do not pay attention to plinth lighting. However, it can make your kitchen design idea appear very appealing. These lights are installed into the base of your kitchen unit. You can use them in any narrow space to create the illusion of a wider space. Also, they have a softer glow as compared to overhead lights. They are ideally not used for making your kitchen functional. Instead, they are introduced for upgrading the aesthetic beauty of the space. Their illumination helps to create the kitchen a more welcoming space. Also, these lights prove to be great when you visit your kitchen at night to get water and do not require bright overhead lights. Many options give you the opportunity to change colours as per your mood.

04 of 05 Consider picture lights 

It is always a great idea to create a focal point in your kitchen. A focal point helps to increase the aesthetic beauty of a space. Unlike the rest of the rooms, you cannot make the primary elements like the hob or sink your room focal point. Instead, you should come up with interesting kitchen designing ideas that will make the space appear beautiful. You can either use your kitchen items like crockery and spice jars for this purpose or hang a beautiful painting on the wall. Irrespective of what you choose, it is very important that you keep it highlighted so that all the eyes naturally get attracted to it. One of the best tricks to keep any element highlighted is focusing a light fixture on it. Picture lights are perfect for highlighting any element on the wall and adding a warm glow to the space.  

05 of 05 Invoke interest with wall lights

Many people do not pay attention to each and every corner of the kitchen and some spaces do not get sufficient light. As a result, the dark area appears awkward and unappealing. Experts suggest installing wall lights to solve this issue. Wall lights are perfect for lighting up awkward dark areas in the kitchen and making the interiors appear bigger. Also, they have a softer glow as compared to overhead lights and create a more relaxed atmosphere.

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