Hire a Contractor to Build Your Fence

Martin T. Israel

When the decision to get a fence is made, deciding on using a contractor can be an issue. When you hire a contractor there will be a warranty with the installation. You may not want to do this work yourself. It is not easy to build fencing if you do not have the know how. Choosing a professional to do the job the right way is a very viable option in this case.

You never want to use the services of a contractor who does not have a license. To check on the contractor who you are thinking of hiring, you should contact the BBB in your area and see if they are in their directory. You will then have the comfort of knowing your contractor is a good one.

You can also talk to your family members. Find one who has had work done and who can send you to a contractor that they know to be good. When a contractor is highly rated, word of mouth will get them more jobs than anything else.

Not everyone will have a contractor that they can send your way so you will need to research for yourself. You should speak to a couple of contractors before you hire one. Get one who will offer you a warranty on their work. Some if not all New Orleans gates contractors will do their work efficiently and it is vital to also ask how much they charge.

After deciding on who is going to do the installation of your fence, you need to get the details of the job in writing. You should be shown a work order that will have all the details of the job including the full price. You will also want to know when the work will begin and the estimated completion time. You also need a breakdown of where your money will be going.

If your fence contractors are offering a warranty on their work, then you want that to be shown on the work order as well and this should be on the company letterhead or with the contractors name embossed on it. You will need to sign the document as well to show you approve the deal.

If you see areas that you do not agree with or that have been left empty, do not sign it. There should never sign a document that has any area left blank, these should be all filled in. When the estimate was given initially, they would have a good idea of how much everything will cost. Do not write any checks until you are sure you are going to hire the contractor.

After everything has been signed, you will be required to put a sum of money down on the job. This can be a percentage of the total work order. Some may require 50% before the work begins and then the rest to be paid when they finish installing the fence. This allows for the purchasing of supplies and the comfort of knowing the job will be paid when finished. If the work is not completed to your satisfaction, you have the second half of payment to ensure that they fulfill their obligations to finish the job as contracted.

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