64 Stylish Bedroom Design Ideas - Modern Bedrooms Decorating Tips

A small bedroom can raise many concerns such as what should be the bed size, where will the cupboard be placed, or where should you place the dressing table. Bedroom design should be planned properly so that it can accommodate all the necessary furniture. On a well-designed dressing table, you will easily be able to store your cosmetics, skincare, hairbrush, dryer, and other such items. With a dressing table, you will never have to look for your small belongings here and there anymore. 

Homes are getting smaller day by day and often people don’t understand the importance of a dressing table. However, with options that will help you save your floor space and give you a floating dressing table, even you will be interested to invest in interior designs that offer both luxury and storage.

Choosing a dressing table can get tedious as there are so many options and considerations. Cut down your research time with these tips on choosing the perfect dressing table option. 

The size of your dressing table

The dimensions of a dressing table must be in proportion to the bedroom. Ensure that you measure the length and breadth thoroughly before you buy a dressing table. However, if you have a contemporary bedroom, it will look best with a modern design. The bedroom should not look too crowded. So, make sure you leave some breathing space in the room.

Different dressing table designs

Ensure that you are considering your bedroom design before determining the dressing table style. You can choose from minimalistic designs to rustic feels when choosing the style of a dressing table that looks good with the other furniture in the room. There are many dressing table designs that you can choose from considering their shape, colour, and other such features. 

The features of a dressing table

Features of the dressing table are again one of the most important considerations. A dressing table design offers a range of features. It can include, selves, drawers, boxes, a bench, etc. After looking at the dimension of the dressing table and exploring a few options, you will be able to decide the features. This will help you define the design of the dressing table. 

The materials that you can use

The material must also be given a thought when planning for a dressing table. A wooden dressing table will be perfect for giving out the farmhouse or rustic feel in the bedroom. However, if it is bulky, the bedroom will look cramped. So, you can think about using other materials such as plywood, glass, mirror finishes, or MFD. Look for interior designs that include a wardrobe with a dressing table option if you want more storage space in your bedroom. 

The right place for a dressing table

Placing the mirrors and the dressing table at the perfect place is vital. For creating the right balance of energy inside a room, you need to minutely focus on each element. The dressing table must be easily accessible and should be positioned at a location where adequate light both natural and interior is available. So, ensure that you place the dressing table in a comfortable spot of the bedroom and consider raising the mirror at least 4 to 5 ft from the floor.

In conclusion 

Often we forget to create enough storage space in our bedrooms. Later, we realize that some extra space could help us organize our bedroom a little more. A bedroom design should be consistent and open to as many storage options as possible. Even though you have a small bedroom, you can choose different kinds of furniture pieces that can serve at least two purposes and a dressing table is one of them.