Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Tiles

Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Tile – Complete Guide | Cricket Pavers

Your home exterior is as important as your home interiors. Hence, you should pay attention to the functionality and aesthetic beauty of the space. Moreover, it is very crucial that you only stick to sturdy and durable materials for your outdoors. This is because they will stay exposed to the sun and harsh weather conditions at all times. One of those materials is tiles. Tiles are considered perfect for outdoor spaces. They are a better option than a traditional concrete slab or brick patio. Moreover, you get lots of choices when choosing the design for your house design.

Even though the availability of lots of variants of tiles is an advantage, it makes finding the ideal option for your outdoor space very difficult. If you do not have anyone to help you out, you may end up making the wrong decision. To ensure that does not happen, here are a few tips shared by experts for choosing tiles:

01 of 05 Make durability your primary focus

When you are choosing tiles for your house design, your first priority should always be durability. This is because only sturdy and durable tiles can last outdoors. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not understand this fact and end up choosing tiles that are not durable. They start showing signs of damage very fast and require quick replacement. Hence, the homeowner will have to make a lot of unnecessary expenses later for the replacement. 

You should always ensure that your outdoor tiles are tough, scratch-resistant, or can last very long. This will ensure it can sustain the high traffic and harsh weather conditions.

02 of 05 Do not forget about slip-resistance 

The tiles for your outdoors should be different from your living room tiles. You must not get the same tiles. You will have to take safety into consideration when choosing tiles for your outdoors. Since your outdoor tiles will stay exposed to water and snow, they might be slippery. Walking on them will not be safe at all. Someone might fall and get injured. To ensure such accidents do not happen, you should opt for anti-slippery tiles. These tiles have a rough surface and allow a better grip. You will be perfectly safe walking on them, even on a rainy or snowy day. 

03 of 05 Pay attention to the aesthetic appeal

Many people believe the tiles for the outdoors do not have to be aesthetically appealing. This is completely wrong. The appearance of outdoor tiles is as important as your indoor tiles. You should always choose tiles that complement your outdoor furniture and the rest of the elements of your home exterior design. This will allow you to improve the kerb appeal of your home. Also, the outdoor tiles have a huge impact on the first impression of your guests since they see these tiles first. Make sure you choose a design and style that elevates the outdoor space’s aesthetic beauty.

Your home is a private space. Hence, you must not only think about your guests. It is important to prioritise your style and preferences as well. Hence, you should look for a tile design and style that match your taste. 

04 of 05 Set your budget

Whenever you are decorating your home, a very important aspect is budget. It is recommended to always set a budget beforehand irrespective of whether you are buying outdoor furniture or tiles. This helps to create better financial planning. Otherwise, you may end up spending more than you decided on the tiles. It can impact the house design plan of other areas. So, always set a budget. 

However, make sure that you set a realistic budget for your tiling. You must not set a budget that is too low. Otherwise, your home exterior design may not appear as you wanted it. Researching online can help you to get a fair estimate for the design. want. Also, you can visit any nearby tile store and ask them about the cost of various tiles. 

05 of 05 Installing the tiles at the right places 

You must not go and buy any random outdoor tile for your home exteriors if you need them. This is because the tiles are designed for particular spaces. You cannot just randomly install any tile anywhere. It will impact the functionality and the aesthetic beauty of the space. All tiles are not made equal. They feature a different set of properties depending on where they should be installed. While some are sturdy and designed for heavy traffic areas, others are water-resistant and perfect for pool areas. You must make the decision depending on where you are installing the tiles on your patio, deck area, pool, or flooring. 

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