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Martin T. Israel

When it comes to designing the interiors of a house, people usually end up focusing on aspects like furniture, woodwork, flooring etc. Did you know that you could revolve the decor of the room around a strikingly well dressed wall? Apart from paints available in different textures, the solution lies in murals, which can have a theme or simply a striking design. We spoke to mural artist Vinita Verma, who also runs the furniture store Eeshanya at Hatworks Boulevard on how to get your walls to make a statement.

Murals are a great way to highlight your wall (or even ceiling!) because they simply have no limitation. It’s actually art for your walls as they give you great scope for expression. Murals can be made with almost any material. I have used clay, board, M.D.F, fiberglass, steel to even scraps. It’s the design and the ultimate look you want to achieve that decides what material you use. If you wish to have a particular theme and want to revolve the decor around it, you need to plan the mural along with the artist right at the interior planning stage. The artist and interior designer can then decide the location, lighting placement and other details.Apart from being visually pleasing, murals can also give your room a different dimension altogether.

Contrary to what people think, murals can be easy to clean. All you need to do is dust them regularly. One thing both the mural artist and client need to remember when selecting a design is that murals can be very strong and take away from the other aspects of the room. If you want a very striking, colorful mural, my suggestion would be to keep the rest of the decor subtle with lighter colors.You can also have external murals that not only add a touch of elegance to your home but also lend it an artistic aura. I have designed external murals in white cement and ceramic tiles. These are open to elements and require no maintenance.

What if you aren’t sure about a permanent mural? One option is to have smaller mural panels designed so that you can fix it like a painting on the wall. Depending on the design and the size, it can take from two weeks to even a month and a half to design a mural. Like I said, you need to plan the electrical fittings and carpentry work in advance, if it’s going to be a permanent piece. If you wish to highlight your walls in other ways apart from murals, select one wall and have it painted in a different color and texture. This would highlight the entire room and you could use this wall to display something particular. Wallpaper is another great option to give your walls an instant makeover. However, in India, it hasn’t gained in popularity though there are several furnishing and interiors stores, which stock these. You need to make sure that the wall isn’t flaky before you install the wallpaper.

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