B2b ecommerce platform is a complete software solution that helps a company to sell various goods or services to several other companies via an online sales platform. The world has seen tremendous growth in recent years in the field of B2B eCommerce. Nowadays, every company engaged in the business of selling products and services via online portals requires customized B2B eCommerce solutions for smooth functioning.

Business to Business eCommerce Solutions

Business to Business eCommerce Solutions come with unique requirements of a corporate setup. Before deciding to buy an eCommerce solution from any vendor; it is necessary to analyze the needs of the company. For this, it is essential to consider various factors like scalability, security, maintenance, usability, user experience, etc. A vendor may charge a very high price for developing a customized eCommerce platform for a particular company or organization. Hence, it becomes imperative to analyze the unique requirements of the company. There are various types of Business to Business eCommerce Solutions available in the market today.

eCommerce solution

Most common and popular amongst all eCommerce is Clarity eCommerce. This type of eCommerce solution has been designed by Clarity eCommerce, a leading online web development company. With the help of StoreHippo, a company can and conveniently store customer information and manage the products with ease and simplicity. Furthermore, a StoreHippo professional eCommerce Solution comes with an easy-to-use interface that has been designed to make Clarity eCommerce applications more compatible and versatile. This type of customized StoreHippo also provides users with unlimited flexibility in customization and integration options.

Creating a customized shopping cart

Clarity eCommerce offers a host of services that include creating a customized shopping cart with all the features and functionalities that are required by eCommerce stores. Moreover, this eCommerce solution also helps in developing a store catalog for the store. The store catalog can include various images, product descriptions, pricing lists, product images, payment options, etc. All these features help a customer to locate a product and make it easier for the customers to browse through the items.

User Experience Design

A great and powerful feature of Clarity eCommerce CMS is known as user experience design. This is a feature that helps the business owner to design the user experience, such as navigation, content creation, payment gateway, and catalogs of the store. This will help the business owner to build a customized store architecture that suits the business requirements. When a business owner decides to outsource the development of their eCommerce store, they should first talk to their chosen eCommerce solution provider about the various customization options that are available with Clarity eCommerce. When a person gets a customized solution, they will get the opportunity to take advantage of all the available options, including content management options, store catalogs, custom storefront designs, multiple product image formats, full-screen orientation, search engine friendly site structure, etc.

Fully integrated CRM system

Another essential feature of Clarity eCommerce is that it provides the business owner with a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system. This enables the business owner to build and maintain an efficient customer database. This database will also enable the business owner to generate reports based on different parameters such as the number of unique visits, most frequent visits, cost per click, cost per sale, etc. This advanced report can help the business to understand the trends in visitor behavior and usage patterns and hence take the appropriate actions. Another important advantage of the eCommerce platform developed by Clarity eCommerce is that it provides a highly scalable and secure eCommerce solution, which is highly suitable for any business of any size and genre. All the features mentioned above are useful for a business-to-business eCommerce solution.