6 Tips To Buying Wine From a Store 

Martin T. Israel
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Most people have gone to the store at one point to get something. Whenever you come across the wine or drinks unit, a quick observation shows that the unit is filled with different wines. 

This makes it hard for some people to make a good choice whenever they purchase wine. Some small supermarkets store their wine in a small or medium wine cooler, but everything is different when you come across a large supermarket. You need to be smart enough to get the right wine you want to buy. 

No matter how arranged the store might be, you need some tricks and tips to know exactly how to get your wine and how to do that fast. Below are some of the steps you can take to get the perfect wine you want at the store:

  1. Make a plan

Lack of planning can make you go to the store and buy the wine you don’t even need. Assuming you need to buy a wine that you will keep in your fridge Siemens and store for some time, you need to make a plan to separate the wine you need to drink immediately from that one. 

As absurd as it may sound, not planning before buying wine will make you spend a lot of money and not buy what satisfies you.

  1. Learn and pick your wine style

Except if you are already experienced with buying wine from the store, you need a bit of enlightenment to know the different wine styles available and then choose the one you want. 

Learn about what makes the difference between white and red wines and the downsides of each of them. Learn about flavors; this will help you choose whether you want a dry and full-bodied flavor or a sweet flavor. 

  1. Learn Food and Wine Pairing

Another thing you need to know is how to pair different wines with the foods you eat. Learn about the wine that goes with salty and bitter foods and those that suit sweet-tasting foods. 

For instance, if you want to eat salty food, buying a bottle of champagne will be a good choice. For sweet delicacies, Pinot noir can go well together. 

  1. Read labels

Another thing is to read the label of wine that you want to buy; this can make a lot of difference. On the label, you will find the alcoholic content of the wine, the brand name, the producer of the wine, and the net content of the wine. You can also use the label to know the type of wine you are about to buy and the flavor. 

  1. Consider the alcoholic content

After reading the label, always have the amount of alcohol the wine contains. Everyone has the amount of alcoholic content they can tolerate. And buying a wine blindly without knowing the alcoholic content will only lead to a waste of resources and time. Drinking a wine whose alcohol content is higher than you can tolerate can lead to health complications. 

  1. Ask for help whenever you need one

Don’t be embarrassed to ask the store assistant or salesman for help whenever you need it. Asking for help about some details you don’t understand about wine and getting an explanation about it will expand the knowledge you have about wines. 

Make sure that the shop you are shopping at has staff who know about wine and can explain it effortlessly. 


For those who are not experienced with buying wine from the local store or the supermarket, it may be a struggle to buy your desired wine. Not having the necessary tips at your fingertips will lead to buying the wrong wine for the wrong occasion. 

Planning, learning about wine and food pairing, and knowing the different types of wine will help you get better at buying wine. 

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